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  • 05-22-15 10:01 AM

    On Sunday, May 17th,, BPM Rifles, G-Code Holsters 3 Gun Competitor Joe “Willie” Parent and his son entered the monthly Ant Hill USPSA Match. A total of 42 Shooters participated in this event.

    In addition to beautiful weather, “Willie” finished 1st in the Limited Division and 1st overall. His son came in 7th in Limited and 16th overall.

    05-18-15 03:07 PM, BPM Rifles, G-Code Holsters competitor Joe “Willie” Parent had his “first taste” of the summer heat with temperatures hovering around 90 and humid during this event.

    They had set up 8 stages. 3 with Natural Terrain and 5 Bay styled stages. ...
    05-15-15 09:39 AM

    The, BPM Rifles, G-Code Holsters 3-Gun Team shot together for the first time in 2015 at the Bushmaster Tarheel 3 Gun Challenge, April 18-19, 2015. Team members Joe “Willie” Parent, James Andrew Gill and Will Hiett, all former Marines competed in a number of events throughout the weekend.

    James Gill finished 7th overall out of 247 competitors. . It was his first ...
    05-15-15 09:02 AM, BPM Rifles and G-Code Holsters Joe “Willie” Parent and Will Hiett were part of a field of over 100 shooters at the May, 2015 monthly Tarheel event.

    Parent finished 13th out of 96 shooters in the Practical Division At the event, the squads ...

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